Private Label Packaging Roundup

PLMA’s 2018 Private Label Packaging Trade Show roundup

Some of our GREIF (formerly Caraustar) team recently attended PLMA’s 2018 Private Label Packaging Trade Show. The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) represents the opportunity for manufacturers to meet with brands and companies that have an itch for innovative and attractive packaging. It’s the “land of plenty” for those searching for unique solutions for their private label products. Luckily, manufacturers like GREIF have a track record for offering the perfect scratch for that innovative itch.

It’s not enough to just have a good natural product. Your product packaging needs to stand out.

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PLMA: An Opportunity for New Solutions for Private Label Packaging

With over 1,500 companies from 40 countries in attendance, PLMA’s Private Label Trade Show gives the opportunity for market players of all sizes to meet and network in Chicago for several days of educational talks and exposure to new products. Whether you’re a national supermarket, wholesaler, or even a neighborhood retail store, attendees get to see the latest and greatest in packaging solutions.

Suppliers are competing, more than ever, to reduce the challenges companies are up against like meeting demands in the face of rising costs and the need for decreased lead times. Whether it’s the food, beverage, health, beauty, or personal products market, companies are looking for reliable, experienced packaging partners.

Trends in the Private Label World

The private label world is growing at a rate of 4% year-over-year and experiencing an increase of nearly 3% in unit volume, which is over three times the rate of branded products, according to Nielsen’s 2018 Total Consumer ReportOur Caraustar team at the PLMA's Private Label Packaging Trade Show

Along with stores with private label brands comes a degree of consumer loyalty which is a mirror to loyalty in national brands. If anyone still had the idea that private-label brands are stunted by the stigma associated with them—being a lesser quality item— those assumptions have been dispelled in the last few years, according to Neilson.

Many chains are bringing to market plenty of remarkable products that can hold their own and compete with national brands. High-quality manufacturers give consumers confidence and trust in the quality and value of the product.

It’s no longer the case that store brands are just about providing value and savings. Today, private label brands are seen as a premium grade product. According to Neilson’s Consumer Report, only 26% of surveyed Americans still believe that name brands are worth the extra money.

Partnering with an Experience Team

Packaging with paperboard and other recycled options is increasingly important to both store owners and their consumers. GREIF is a leader in providing consumer packaging solutions at the best value to its consumers. We do this not only through reduced costs but also by providing the value of an experienced team of partners who fully understand the packaging process. With that experience, we can more easily help our customers navigate the maze of private label packaging with fewer challenges and hiccups along the way.

GREIF has been in the packaging game for decades. We have the experience to take products from idea-stage to finished product in a surprisingly short amount of time compared with other manufacturers. Whether you’re a small family business or a significant player in the market—we’ve worked with them all.

With locations around the country, GREIF is on a mission to bring the beauty and versatility of paperboard packaging to the masses and to fulfill your private label packaging needs.

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