Natural Products Expo East 2018 Roundup

Consumer demands are growing for natural products, and the team at GREIF (formerly Caraustar) is taking notice. We recently exhibited at the 33rd annual Natural Product Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland.

The conference provides an opportunity for vendors, buyers, investors, and entrepreneurs to share and learn about the demand for natural products and how it is spurring positive change for the environment and consumers. The Expo highlighted a variety of natural product markets such as food and beverage, personal care and home, and supplements and ingredients.

Natural products are ready to shine

According to New Hope Network, the U.S. natural products industry grew by 6.3 percent in 2017 and industry sales have more than doubled since 2007. Much of this growth is attributed to entrepreneurial brands that bring fresh ideas and new flavors to the table.

Some of the trends we saw included a revival of frozen foods as businesses seek to provide healthier, flavorful, and convenient meals with verified products that tell the truth about potential contaminants. We saw a lot of coffee products, especially cold brews, and natural energy products boosting businesses.

It’s not enough to just have a good natural product. Your product packaging needs to stand out.

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Many attendees utilized target marketing to draw awareness to their new product lines as well as their existing ones. We also noticed an increase in attendance by larger corporations that are working their way into the natural product market by acquiring other small businesses.

With more than 1,500 brands, we spent plenty of time mingling with new business owners and discussing how packaging could look for their new products. Most of the attendees we chatted with were looking for support on their new product lines and brands. We fielded a lot of questions regarding the structural design of packaging, creative packaging, production orders, and our digital print capabilities.

Ready your products for the market

There were many amazing products that already or soon will need consumer packaging to ready themselves for the retail shelves and eCommerce environment, and we are ready to help.

Whether you have an established natural product line, or you’re a young brand with new products, GREIF is ready to be your dedicated paperboard packaging partner. We can bring your company’s goals from concept to shelf life with flexibility and competitive pricing.

We served some of the largest players around and are ready to help small to midsize companies grow and meet consumer demands with our recycled packaging. Get in touch with us today.