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Greif CPG’s onboarding process proves successful, helps private label keep up with growth

It’s so easy for up and coming private labels to get lost in the sea of larger folding carton suppliers. Exponential growth is common among smart third-party manufacturers. Keeping up with that growth, however, can be a major issue. It’s easy to crumble under the pressure to produce and deliver when your business is exponentially growing. Even when private labels offer premium products, we find they often lack the necessary insight to align their production with top retail store forecasting. And their most valuable asset, their brand, gets mishandled by suppliers who don’t understand the importance of that crucial product positioning and brand recognition that leads to a sale. Aside from everything that could go wrong, the good news is that private labels do not have to carry such burdens alone. At Greif CPG, we bring the knowledge that large brands rely on and offer the flexibility and dedication new private labels need to manage and support their growth.

Greif CPG recently aided a leading, private label brand that sells 100% grass-fed beef products. The client was working with a large consumer packaging service provider, however, there were issues. The provider was doing a great job until it was acquired by a much larger folding carton supplier. At that point, the quality of service declined quickly, timelines began to seemingly extend beyond reason, and the client began to feel they were no longer a priority.

Large folding carton suppliers often dictate their lead times and cannot flex to the needs of smaller brands. Forecasting is left up to the client and attention to packaging detail goes by the wayside because their typical clients can afford to market their brands beyond the store shelf.

Private labels need a partner to help sustain both their packaging inventory and their brand. And the packaging provider must be able to dig in deep, uncover the underlying issues, and offer strategic direction.

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Transition to Greif CPG with our 6P onboarding process

At Greif CPG, before we start running cartons we do a very thorough onboarding of the customer. Our onboarding – or 6P process – is focused on producing outcomes through mutual participation to deliver premium professional services while staying passionate about what we do–packaging. The general manager of the plant, design engineer, onboarding specialist, manufacturing facility, COO, and our client rep complete the 6P process together. We review every single detail of the account until both teams are completely comfortable and know the expectations going forward. This is clearly communicated across both our entire teams to achieve the set goals. It’s a procedure in which a strategic assessment lays the foundation for a smooth transition from the customer’s previous supplier to Greif CPG.

The 6P process led us to discover this client’s biggest customer was a retailer known for insufficient forecasting and running a lot of weekend specials. Consequently, the client was only ever prepared for one month’s worth of inventory. The retailer would decide to run a Saturday special, meaning more inventory would be needed within the next couple weeks. We easily resolved this issue by holding back three months worth of inventory and shipping it as needed. Now the client is always prepared and ready to deliver.

Packaging the unpredictable

When packaging premium sausages, one quickly learns that not all sausages are equal. They come in a multitude of sizes. The client was experiencing issues with fitting the sausages into their packaging sleeves. To add to the issue, the packaging process was being carried out manually amid exponentially rapid growth. This inevitably caused unnecessary frustration. The client was desperately trying to fix the issue but lacked the expertise.

Greif CPG jumped in right away to modify their design so that going forward the packaging could be done by hand or machine. We knew the sleeve size we created did not fluctuate, so we went to visit the co-manufacturer. We watched their process, did a lot of extra investigating, and brought along our equipment engineers to analyze the equipment and offer strategic suggestions.

The client had shown interest in purchasing new equipment, so we went with them to Pack Expo. We walked alongside them through the booths, met with different equipment manufacturers, and shared packaging designs to find out what would be a possible solution and how much that would cost. We dedicated our time to ensure our client felt supported and had the expert assistance they needed through the entire process.

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As private packaging brands experience phenomenal success in their markets, it’s a common struggle to keep up with and simply understand their own growth and what it means for their future. A partner like Greif CPG provides the knowledge and experience required to build processes that work for our clients based on their unique, exacted needs.

Our client had the foresight to place a priority on finding a lasting solution for their business. In removing the commonly seen focus on reducing costs while employing new technologies, the client gained a solution that inevitably resulted in savings and streamlined processes. They were willing to dig into what was holding their business back and invest the time in our 6P process to reap the benefits and rewards of their efforts to evolve.

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