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Greif CPG Attends PMA Fresh Summit in California

Greif CPG Attends PMA Fresh Summit in California

Representatives from Greif’s Consumer Packaging Group attended the 2019 Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California from October 17 to 20.

Sustainability was a hot topic at PMA. The show was well attended and featured break-out sessions that addressed:

  • Meeting customer needs by anticipating preferences
  • The past, present, and future of food safety
  • Key issues in supply chain management
  • Emerging trends in the fresh produce industry
  • Sustainable practices

Greif CPG – Leading the Way Towards Sustainable Packaging

Consumers are pushing the industry for zero waste and energy efficiency, but industry experts attending PMA voiced concern over produce price increases that could come with a move to more sustainable packaging options. While manufacturers worry about the expense of paperboard or paperboard processes as they must move away from plastic packaging.

To meet these changing market needs, Greif CPG representatives discussed the use of sustainable produce trays that could easily replace current plastic solutions.

Greif CPG is a leader in the move towards sustainable produce packaging with our Green Tray paperboard solutions for protecting fresh food products in branded containers.

Greif CPG has substantial experience in sustainable paperboard packaging design and green supply chain efforts.

At Greif CPG we use 100% recycled paperboard, reducing waste and toxic materials in landfills and the manufacturing process We have an ongoing commitment to protecting our natural resources and have since 1938. We turn refuse into renewable resources by using renewable practices. By recycling 4 million tons of fiber annually, we also positively impact the environment by saving 60 million trees.

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Are you prepared for zero waste?

Are you prepared for zero waste?

Consumers, retailers, and legislators are all mandating a change from traditional plastic packaging. A growing number of US markets and many export markets already have waste disposal restrictions for packaging materials. And the clock is rapidly ticking towards zero waste regulations for the global produce supply chain.

It’s time to research and plan for a zero-waste process.

Many in the produce supply chain are waiting before having to invest in new machinery and packaging operations. But now is the time to be researching and preparing for new systems. To be successful out of the gate, you will want to work with a company with substantial experience in produce marketing, sustainable paperboard packaging design, and supply chain efforts. The Consumer Packaging Team at Greif is here to help you get started.


The three must-haves for successful sustainable paperboard packaging for produce:

1. Containment
Containers must not only enclose produce in units for handling and distribution but fit well inside shipping containers, with limited wasted space.

2. Protection
The package must protect the produce from mechanical damage, poor environmental conditions, and be sturdy enough to resist injury during packaging, storage, and transportation to market. Fresh fruits and vegetables have their own requirements for temperature, humidity, and environmental gas composition for maintaining long shelf life.

3. Identification
Packaging must provide valuable information such as produce name, brand, size, grade, variety, net weight, count, grower, shipper, and country of origin. Moreover, package appearance has become an essential part of point of sale displays.

From beginning to end, paperboard packaging is the most environmentally friendly resource, and here’s why:

Paperboard packaging reduces waste in landfills and toxic materials in the manufacturing process. The majority of substrates Greif uses are 100% recycled paperboard produced by 15 of our very own recycled paperboard mills. Any remaining substrate is virgin paperboard responsibly sourced or manufactured and is 100% recyclable.

At Greif, we are wholly committed to using natural, human, and financial resources wisely without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


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