Are you prepared for zero waste?

Consumers, retailers, and legislators are all mandating a change from traditional plastic packaging. A growing number of US markets and many export markets already have waste disposal restrictions for packaging materials. And the clock is rapidly ticking towards zero waste …
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Lightweighting with Packaging Is Not a Solution for Natural Products

Sustainable packaging is a popular trend, especially for natural products. As companies try to reduce carbon emissions and save money on supply chain costs, many turn to lightweight packaging as an option. This is known as “lightweighting.” Lightweighting refers to …
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4 Reasons to Partner with an SQF Certified Packaging Company

Many of our customers in the retail, restaurant, and fresh food market segments need sustainable packaging solutions for custom and stock folding food cartons. To serve this market better, Greif’s Consumer Packaging Group (CPG) becomes an SQF Certified supplier. SQF …
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Repulpable Barrier Coatings

New trends in paper and paperboard packaging: repulpable barrier coatings

Consumers are increasingly choosing fast food options and eating meals at home. While these two trends may seem counterintuitive, a closer analysis reveals that while many Americans want to eat at home, they do not necessarily want to cook at …
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Can Repulpable Barrier Coated Packaging Really Perform?

We Say — Definitely YES Paper packaging such as paper cups, take-out boxes, and folding cartons has traditionally been coated with wax or 100% polyethylene. These coatings are commonly used in fast food carryout packaging for items such as French …
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