Greif Consumer Packaging Group is a division of Greif, Inc.Paper Packaging & Services division. We create packaging fitting both brand and supply chain needs. By using the latest folding carton manufacturing technologies and special capabilities, we achieve the best results. Our expertise, flexibility and speed allows us to meet the demands of larger consumer product giants and smaller start-up companies alike.


Our national award-winning team develops structurally engineered cartons and set-up boxes, prototypes, creative design, pre-press and sustainable solutions.

Our West Coast facility specializes in take-home cartons, handled drink carriers, utility trays for drive-thrus, fast-food clamshells, pizza boxes, and more.

Responsibly-recycled post-consumer paperboard for produce packaging made specifically to replace single-use plastics.


  • greif-copackersBuilding Better Business with Sustainability
    As upstream supply-chain partners for retailers and downstream partners for growers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and co-packers live with the bullwhip effect. The bullwhip effect causes more significant upstream order variability and inventory requirements because of downstream signals, demand, and pricing. As the changes and signals travel up, each link in the supply chain reacts, which becomes a signal for the next link. The stimulus and response both grow as they move upward. […]
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    With the spread of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, everyday interactions like gathering in groups, shaking hands, and hugging have become concerns. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says, at this time, we should avoid being within 6 feet of each other, frequently wash our hands, and avoid large public gatherings. For businesses, the CDC recommends that they develop outbreak response plans. Organizations should also encourage employees who don’t feel well to stay home, perform […]
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    Around the world, a growing part of the population is saying that their relationship with foodservice packaging – like containers, wraps, trays, and tubs – is complicated. Indeed, people love the convenience of single-use foodservice containers. Any time we order take-away, fast food, and at a growing number of fast-casual restaurants, we use single-use containers. Worldwide, the foodservice packaging industry stands at about $53 billion in 2019, and analysts expect that number to double by […]
  • greif-folding-carton-packagingConflict and Collaboration Spur Sustainable Packaging Innovation
    The consumer goods marketplace is continuously evolving. Manufacturers and contract packagers must adapt to changing demands from retailers, consumers, and upstream partners. Retailers want shorter lead times and smaller on-hand inventories; consumers demand high-quality, sustainable, responsible goods. Retailers represent their and their customers’ interests when working with manufacturers and contract packagers – so their demands get co-mingled. For example, smaller shipments in sustainable, […]
  • greif-produce-packagingA Well-Packaged Produce Brand Starts with Packaging
    Packaged produce is a growing industry trend. The days of bulk-stacked, volume-packaged fruits and vegetables have passed. Consumers want healthier-for-them fresh, quality produce and healthier-for-the-planet growing, sourcing, and packaging. Retailers, adapting to these demands and other pressures in their markets, look for inventory unitization, longer shelf life, and less damage in transport and handling. Co-packers, upstream of the retailer and consumer, must adapt to these demands. While […]