Greif Consumer Packaging Group is a division of Greif, Inc.Paper Packaging & Services division. We create packaging fitting both brand and supply chain needs. By using the latest folding carton manufacturing technologies and special capabilities, we achieve the best results. Our expertise, flexibility and speed allows us to meet the demands of larger consumer product giants and smaller start-up companies alike.


Our national award-winning team develops structurally engineered cartons and set-up boxes, prototypes, creative design, pre-press and sustainable solutions.

Our West Coast facility specializes in take-home cartons, handled drink carriers, utility trays for drive-thrus, fast-food clamshells, pizza boxes, and more.

Responsibly-recycled post-consumer paperboard for produce packaging made specifically to replace single-use plastics.


  • Infographic: 9 Facts About Paperboard Production
    Did you know that the United States is the world’s third-largest exporter of paper products? It’s true, there’s a lot more to paper than you might think. Check out this infographic. Want this in a PDF? Download it here. Over 90% of wood harvested for pulp comes from private tree farms, not protected forests. About one-third of private forest harvest goes to paper production, most ends up as building lumber like 2x4s.  Paperboard producers depend on sustainable growers to […]
  • Working to Create Toxic-Free Fast-Food Packaging
    Consumers are growing more health-conscious and are demanding healthier options from restaurants and food producers. For a restaurant, that can mean changing portion sizes, developing lower-calorie dishes, sourcing fresher foods, and evaluating their food-contact packaging. Paper product manufacturers have used fluorinated compounds to create grease barriers. These compounds work well for this application because they are heat-resistant and have a long half-life; they don’t break down quickly. […]
  • Folded paperboard tray with recycling logo in front of grape tomatoes packed in single-use containers.Use Your Packaging to Tell Your Sustainability Story
    You package great produce, and you do it sustainably. That’s a remarkable story to tell your customers because sustainability is a top-of-mind concern for most consumers. In a 2018 report, Nielsen shows that 81% of survey respondents believed that corporations should help improve the environment – with Gen Z and Millennial respondents leading the way. Your customers want sustainability.  Sustainability Defined A 1987 United Nations report coined the term. They said sustainable […]
  • Greif CPG Attends PMA Fresh Summit in California
    Representatives from Greif’s Consumer Packaging Group attended the 2019 Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California from October 17 to 20. Sustainability was a hot topic at PMA. The show was well attended and featured break-out sessions that addressed: Meeting customer needs by anticipating preferences The past, present, and future of food safety Key issues in supply chain management Emerging trends in the fresh produce industry Sustainable practices Greif CPG – […]
  • greif-packaging-zero-wasteAre you prepared for zero waste?
    Consumers, retailers, and legislators are all mandating a change from traditional plastic packaging. A growing number of US markets and many export markets already have waste disposal restrictions for packaging materials. And the clock is rapidly ticking towards zero waste regulations for the global produce supply chain. It’s time to research and plan for a zero-waste process. Many in the produce supply chain are waiting before having to invest in new machinery and packaging operations. But now […]